The Dream Team

Kristina McGathy 



Kristina is the founder of 2 Kris's Korner, Inc.


The mission of this amazing Non Profit organization; is to embrace, equip, and extend love and help to those in need. Loving instead of Judging. 


In her words:

"You are the light of the world, like a city on a hilltop, that can't be hidden.

Always rememeber to Free, Be Accountable, and Be Blessed!!"





Tamiko Dixon 



Tamiko is also the owner of Unique Creations by Tamiko, LLC.

Where she creates unique masterpieces for all your home decor , inspirationsal and special gifting needs. 


In her words:

"Positive thinking brings Creation"


Please check out her facebook page below:





Kimora Young is our Youth Events Coordinator



Kimora has a gentle spirit and a heart for youth. She is passionate about helping others and radiating postivity everywhere she goes. Kimora also loves to craft in her spare time. 


In her words: 

"Goal: Glow up mentally"


Matthew 6:31-34 (Do not worry, God's got it)


Her Instagram: @kreatekey_06

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